Austin Tech Happy Hour on Thursday

Does it seem crazy to be talking about holiday parties already? Especially since it’s going to be 82 and sunny in Austin today. We’ve scheduled ours for Thursday, November 29th so that we can set the bar for all the other holiday parties you will attend this season! Plus we’re pretty sure that we won’t […]

Q&A Wednesday :: SubtleData

Today’s Q&A Wednesday is Richard Bagdonas, founder and CTO of SubtleData, a platform for developers that want to create mobile solutions for the hospitality industry. Be their 100th follower on AngelList and win a Starbucks gift card.

Bypass Mobile Launches POS

Austin is rapidly becoming a hot bed of technology companies focused on mobile, retail, and point-of-sale technologies. The list includes TabbedOut, SubtleData, Zing Checkout just to name a few.