Letter To Readers

On May 15th of 2007 I wrote the very first blog post for AustinStartup about the Clean Energy Venture Summit. 1,842 blog posts later I've decided to close down the blog and create this resource page.

I created the blog because back then I was meeting tons of cool technology entrepreneurs, and nobody had ever heard of them or their companies. Their stories went untold, and many felt like they were building in a vacuum.

Things are far different today with fantastic business accelerators like Capital Factory, several organized angel investment groups, co-working spaces, the Austin Tech Happy Hour, and publications like Silicon Hills News.

With my workload and other projects, it has been difficult to keep the blog relevant. For that reason, I closed it down and created this handy list of Austin-based resources. I hope you enjoy the new website.


All The Best,
Bryan Menell

Austin Startup Resources


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