Icon Delivers A Business Card That’s As Digital As You Are

Personal brands have been around forever. It’s just that we used to call them something else. Like famous people, or celebrities. But in the era of Tweets, Likes and LinkedIn requests, the idea that everyone can build a brand has caught on. While some of the consumer-facing activity in the internet sector has lost some [...]

CopperEgg Releases v3 of RevealCloud

CopperEgg, Corp., a real-time monitoring and analytics company, today announced the release of RevealCloud™ v3, the leading, real-time monitoring service for cloud, virtual, physical and hybrid IT deployments. RevealCloudv3 delivers a number of new features, including support for thousands of simultaneous nodes across any deployment model, enhanced at-a-glance user interface and real-time system Process Monitoring. RevealCloud’s robust feature set and pay-per-use pricing scheme makes it an ideal monitoring service for SaaS Web Developers and IT System Administrators.

Spiceworks Launches 5.0

Spiceworks announced the availability of the fifth generation of its free social IT management software application, which is currently used by more than 1 million IT professionals at small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) worldwide. Some of the top new features available in Spiceworks 5.0 include the ability to monitor and manage applications, devices and cloud [...]

OtherInBox Raises Additional $1.5M

Austin-based OtherInBox announced that they’ve raised an additional $1.5M in angel-level chunks from people such as Dave McClure (of 500 Startups fame), Kenny Van Zant (an executive at Solar Winds), and Naval Ravikant (VentureHacks and AngelList). This brings the total investment in the company to around $4M, none of it from institutions. The company’s software [...]

Cam.ly Sends Video to the Cloud

Home video security can be kind of expensive. There’s lots of wires, cameras, mounting, VCR’s, changing tapes, and other hassles. The people from Austin-based cam.ly hope to change all that by bringing simplicity to the video camera experience. Cam.ly will sell you a web-enabled camera for $129. It will do 24 frames/second at 640 x [...]

You Shouldn’t Have to Pay to Talk To Your Own Customers

37signals’ dustup with GetSatisfaction almost 2 years ago now for bullying marketing tactics is still cited as an example of how, especially when it comes to customer care, the question of who “owns” your interactions with your users (and they with you) is a sensitive subject.

Sailpoint Adds Tesco Bank to Client List

SailPoint announced today that Tesco Bank, the UK’s most successful supermarket bank, has selected SailPoint IdentityIQ™ as its identity governance solution to support information security and compliance programs within the bank. The selection forms part of Tesco Bank‘s migration programme from The Royal Bank of Scotland to its own systems and platforms after it acquired [...]

Spiceworks Reaches 1M Users

Spiceworks today announced that its user base has grown to more than 1 million IT professionals in 196 countries. This milestone makes Spiceworks the fastest growing and most widely used application for managing IT networks in history. In addition, its free ad-supported IT management software and community have evolved into a new type of channel [...]

Troux Announces HP Integration

Troux Technologies announced new solutions that integrate with HP Universal Configuration Management Database (HP UCMDB).

IT operations customers spend significant time and money assessing the impact of changes, reacting to unplanned business demands, and responding to business outages. This integration provides greater visibility into the impact of business changes on IT operations while simultaneously enabling IT to make better decisions around optimizing IT spend and reducing operational risk.

Affinegy and AVG Partner for Connected Home Users

AVG Technologies, developers of the world’s most popular free anti-virus software, today announced that it has begun working with Affinegy, providers of intelligent home networking solutions to millions of broadband subscribers, to fully integrate AVG’s Internet Security 9.0 with Affinegy’s DigiDo™ Platform. Together with AVG, Affinegy will allow service providers to offer consumers the first [...]