OtherInBox Acquired by ReturnPath

OtherInBox, an Austin-based company that reduces unwanted email, announced today that they have been acquired and will now be a wholly owner subsidiary of ReturnPath. The company recently crossed the 2 million user mark, a highly coveted milestone for a consumer internet company. The company had raised approximately $4M in investment over the years from […]

OtherInbox Reaches One Million Users

To be totally honest, I hate email. Mostly because it’s a “To Do” list than anybody on earth can add to. And I don’t like other people telling me what to do. Considering that there are around 4 billion email boxes in the world today, there are too few tools that help you manage your […]

Austin Apps to Power Your Personal Economy

mobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich In a post on TechCrunch over the holidays, entrepreneur and author Stephen Martin wrote about the premise of his new book, The Enterprise of One. In the post, Martin writes about how we have arrived at a new milestone┬áhe calls “the democratization of opportunity.” He goes on to write a […]

OtherInBox Raises Additional $1.5M

Austin-based OtherInBox announced that they’ve raised an additional $1.5M in angel-level chunks from people such as Dave McClure (of 500 Startups fame), Kenny Van Zant (an executive at Solar Winds), and Naval Ravikant (VentureHacks and AngelList). This brings the total investment in the company to around $4M, none of it from institutions. The company’s software […]