Q&A Wednesday :: Booqoos

Today’s Q&A Wednesday is with Tina Cannon, co-founder of Booqoos. Give us the elevator pitch for you company? Booqoos is a next-generation online discount marketplace that simplifies the discounting process for local small- and medium-sized businesses. Based on a patent-pending, internet platform of do-it-yourself marketing tools, Booqoos provides a powerful solution for businesses to have […]

Have I Got a Pizza for You! An Unscientific Survey of Austin Mobile Deals

mobileTech Tuesday by Steve Guengerich As the supremacy of the freemium app and appcommerce business models over the fee-based, paid apps becomes more evident every month, deals have become among the most hotly contested mobile app categories. Given the heat of competition and that one of the hotter Austin-headquartered ventures WhaleShark Media is a deals-oriented […]

Localiter Acquired by ICG America

The problem with group buying sites is that the technology is super simple to create. A good programmer can basically build a site like this over a weekend. But then you have a chicken-and-egg problem; without a big customer list you can’t attract top retailers, and without great offers from top retailers, customers won’t sign […]

Mobile Megatrends

mobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich Last week, I presented an initial map of Austin’s mobile scene and wrote about how mobile tech has fast become the hottest area in the industry. The Christmas holidays have given additional think-time for others to further highlight this trend, much better frankly than I could do. One of the […]