Can Healthcare Infrastructure Provide A Spark For Austin’s Startup Community?

There’s been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of a new hospital in Austin. I won’t dive too much into the civic implications, you can read Brian Kelsey’s comments for that. I want to highlight two things: 1.) recent opinion and data on “eds and meds” 2.) how more healthcare infrastructure might impact startups. And just a small disclaimer. I realize we’re talking about a hospital. But my assumption, right or wrong, is that a large medical center will bring a substantial ecosystem along with it.

ATC’s Survey Results Show CEOs Still On The Hunt For Talent

With unemployment still high and the U.S. economy still tight, it’s always a bit surprising to see companies struggling to staff up. But that’s exactly what Austin Technology Council’s recent survey results from more than a hundred CEOs showed. I looked at three of the top findings and tried to uncover some of the reasons […]