Capital Factory Demo Day

Today marks the 3rd Capital Factory Demo Day! About 300 investors, entrepreneurs, and press have shown up to see the five companies that have gone through the program this year. Watch the live stream here! Here is a brief summary of the five companies that went through the program this year. StoryMix Media Taking advantage […]

Tech Elephant Mating Fosters New Mobile Species

mobileTechThursday, by Steve Guengerich What a week, huh? First Google buys Motorola Mobility. Then, slipped in there quietly, Time Warner Cable buys Insight.  And finally, HP announces that it’s getting out of the PC business, ceding mobile to Apple and letting Dell battle Lenovo and the other APAC manufacturers for what’s left of the laptop […]

Lessons Learned from Capital Factory Demo Day 2010: What Does It Really Mean To Be Lean?

At Wednesday’s Capital Factory Demo Day, one of the major takeaways for me was that many of us don’t really know what a lean startup is, or how one is successfully managed. This idea was brought to my attention during Ash Maurya’s presentation called “How to Identify a Lean Startup”.

Capital Factory Demo Day

The 2nd Capital Factory Demo Day is coming on September 8th. We will have 300 investors, press, and technology entrepreneurs in attendance to watch the launch of the 5 companies from our 2010 program. This is an invitation-only event, and we’re keeping the quality of the content and the networking as high as possible. Five […]