How To Cold Call Proof Your Business

After years and years of getting lead generation outsourcing companies cold call me asking “can you put me through to the decision maker” I thought let’s make it even harder for these folks to phone SPAM and tarnish the 1% of sales and marketing people who actually do some research before “GETTING ON THE PHONE” “DIALING FOR DOLLARS” and sales managers who have spent far too much time watching Glengarry Glen Ross.

Everything is Changing? (Moving from a social world to a personal world)

With the onslaught of privacy issues and Facebook (aka spambook) becoming a one way mass advertising platforms we are starting to see the froth come off of the likes of Facebook and Linkedin.

Why Venture Capital Firms Need To Add Market Development Expertise To Their Organizations

I was chatting with a couple of venture capital (VC) guys from 2 different firms recently and something dawned on us – Most VC firms are not well equipped to deal with the disruptive changes ongoing in the technology field today. Especially when it comes to marketing and sales execution.