Spredfast and Mass Relevance Merge

Spredfast, the leading provider of social relationship platforms for large brands and agencies, and Mass Relevance, the technology leader in enabling social marketing experiences for brands and media companies, announced today that they are merging. The new entity will offer marketers the only seamless solution to manage, monitor and integrate social content across any digital screen.

Now marketers can access every piece of social data submitted, in real-time. With this data, they can uncover conversations that matter to their brand and build shared experiences that enable them to interact with their audience, both one-to-one or one-to-many. In turn, their audience can impact, shape and advance the brand.

“Keeping up with the speed of social is a lofty challenge for marketers and media today. Consumers continue to raise the bar for how they want to engage with brands. Amidst a sea of social chatter, brands must find the right moments to interact with their audience, and move faster than ever to deliver their stories,” said Rod Favaron, CEO of Spredfast. “The combination of Spredfast and Mass Relevance give brands an unparalleled ability to stay on top of market trends, and be smarter about how to engage customers in social experiences that build lasting relationships.”

Social media has forever changed the way marketers interact with consumers. With the speed and scale of innovation in social technology, consumer attention has become fragmented and fleeting. Brands and media companies are challenged to understand their audiences, and maintain relevancy and engagement. To combat this obstacle, it has become crucial for companies to weave social into the DNA of their marketing and advertising.

“We built Mass Relevance to connect relevant conversations from social networks and fuse them into a customer’s brand story. Three years later, we are honored to align with our neighbors, another Austin-based company, to complete the circle of bringing audience participation into every aspect of marketing,” said Sam Decker, CEO and Co-Founder of Mass Relevance. “The combination of Spredfast and Mass Relevance opens up new possibilities for our customers to do more with social content in real-time.”

In just over three years, both companies have led their respective industries with tremendous growth. Combined, they are the only software provider to partner with over 600 customers, including all five major broadcast networks and fifty percent of Interbrand’s 2013 World’s Best Brands, secure elevated access to both Twitter and Facebook data through strategic partnerships, manage over one billion brand social connections across 84 countries, drive more than 15 billion monthly impressions, and have the power to process 650 million pieces of social content per day in multiple languages.

“Spredfast and Mass Relevance together provide an unmatched, comprehensive product solution necessary for any marketer to succeed in today’s always on and ever-changing social environment,” said Mike Dodd, Partner at Austin Ventures and founding investor in both companies. “These two companies and their highly effective leadership teams have been a critical part of the Austin technology landscape and their continued growth as one entity will be a defining factor in this community.”

The Spredfast platform allows marketers to plan, publish and manage daily brand engagement with consumers across all major social networks. The Mass Relevance platform allows companies to create and publish unique social experiences across any digital screen, from owned properties to display ads and broadcast television. The new, integrated suite of products will deliver the unique capabilities brands, media companies, and agencies need to market at the speed of life.

Sam Decker continues, “It’s super exciting to me to put together this company that will be the largest social marketing company in the world, right here in Austin. We’re 8 blocks apart and 8 degrees separated in culture. The most obvious question is why didn’t we think of this earlier? But now is a good time. We established our brand business, and they have hundreds of brand customers. And we bring our media business into the combined company. We’ve both been doubling in growth for years and combined were going to be hiring about 100 people this year, recruiting the best talent nationally to come to Austin.”

The combined company will be headquartered in Austin, Texas and it will operate under the name Spredfast. The executive management team will continue to be led by current Spredfast Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rod Favaron. Sam Decker, CEO and Co-Founder of Mass Relevance, will join the Board of Directors and serve as Executive Advisor to the new company. Spredfast will serve over 600 brands and media companies, with 350 employees and offices in Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, London and Sydney.

About Bryan Menell

Bryan is the Managing Editor for AustinStartup and the CEO of Mahana. He is a co-founder of Capital Factory, an investor and advisor, and runs the popular Austin Tech Happy Hour with his wife.