We Are Austin Tech: Larry Warnock

This week on We Are Austin Tech:

Larry Warnock is the President and CEO of Gazzang, responsible for the company’s leadership, operations, and strategic direction. He brings more than 27 years of operational expertise working with both startups and established technology companies, particularly in the enterprise software and data center tools markets, to his role at Gazzang.

  • Larry is the former president and CEO of Phurnace Software, which was acquired by BMC Software in 2009. Before joining Phurnace, Larry was the chief marketing officer at Vignette. He was also a venture partner at AV Labs (the company incubator for Austin Ventures).
  • Before joining AV Labs, Larry served as vice president of marketing at OnLink Technologies (acquired by Siebel Systems). He also served as vice president at Documentum throughout the company’s lifecycle, from launch to IPO to market sector leader to acquisition by EMC.
  • Larry earned a bachelor of business administration in marketing from Texas A&M University.

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