Evernote in Austin

The popular Evernote is coming to Austin.

A few weeks ago, I met with Rich Warwick, Evernote’s new vice president and general manager for Austin products, where I learned that Evernote was going to open a development lab in Austin, and that they will be aggressively looking for developers here in town. Mobility & Mac are core-focus of the Austin lab. I, being a mobility person, was pretty excited about the news: 1) I am a fan of Evernote, 2) they are opening a dev studio in Austin, and 3) a core focus of the Austin lab is Mobility! Awesome.

Today, Evernote went public with their Austin plans; see story (Statesman). The Startup company has been growing:

“We’ve been really expanding like crazy at Evernote, adding four or five people a week for the last couple of months,” said Phil Libin, Evernote’s CEO. “We started this year with about 45 people total. We’re going to end the year with about 130. The plan is to do it again next year.”
The company has about 11 million users.

Note that both Rich and Evernote’s CEO¬†Phil Libin are no strangers to Austin; during the early 2000’s they spent their time at Vignette.

On August 31st, they will run an Evernote Meetup at the W. If you are a mobile app developer and curious about joining the Evernote team, you should attend the meetup and also see their current job postings in the new Austin Studio.



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