Interview with Bril Flint, angel investor and tech strategist

mobileTech Tuesday special – A Podcast with Bril Flint, angel investor and technology strategist

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As we are in the midst of one of the largest, fastest growing technology waves – the massive transition from PC desktops to mobile apps – the enterprise appears to be a virtually untapped market.

podcast linkWhile some companies are leaving their mobile strategies to IT, “The smart company today will not give it [mobile strategy] to IT. They will give it to someone thinking about new markets, revenue, and customers and how to meet their needs,” says experienced technology and media executive Bril Flint.

Bril FlintBril serves as an early stage investor and technology strategy consultant to two Austin mobile development companies. Previously, Bril has held VP roles at both Dell and Apple.

In this interview, Bril speaks about the exponential rise of the mobility wave, how it is being forced into the enterprise, and the ability to power your own economy in the palm of your hand.


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