Red Oxygen Brings Enterprise SMS to Healthcare

Red Oxygen, one of the world’s leading developers and distributors of Enterprise SMS / Text messaging software applications and services, is bringing the speed, security and convenience of text messaging to healthcare companies around the world. With text messaging, companies can get critical information to large groups without the burden of dialing every member or […]

SolarBridge Raises $15M Series B

SolarBridge Technologies, the leading developer of module-integrated microinverter solutions that reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) in solar installations, announced that it has secured $15 million in series B funding. The company has raised more than $27 million to date. Rho Ventures, a new investor in the company, led the financing round. Battery Ventures, […]

Intrinsity Acquired by Apple

In one of the worst kept secrets of the year, Apple announced the acquisition of Austin-based chip company Intrinsity. It’s rumored that their A4 chip powers Apple’s new iPad. The stream of future royalties probably far exceed the rumored $121M purchase price. Word of the acquisition began to leak out after technology trade publications noticed […]

Plerts Combines Check-Ins With Medical and Safety Alerts

Austin-based startup Plerts recently released a service application that leverages check-in technology to enhance one’s safety and security. Users are enabled to select people from their social graph to become part of one’s safety alerting system. If you are in danger or miss a check in people in your safety alerting system are notified via text and email. Plerts launched as a free iPhone app, a Facebook app and as web app.

Austin Tech Happy Hour on Thursday

Now that everybody has had time to recover from SXSW, it’s time for Austin Tech Happy Hour on April 29th from 6pm – 8pm at Molotov. With a little luck we’ll have some great Spring weather for the upstairs patio. Come and network with your friends from the Austin technology community. There’s plenty to discuss […]

Austin-based, Rackspace-funded “Riptano” Launches

Plots for world domination typically fail because the plots themselves just aren’t scalable. But with the launch of Facebook’s Open Graph this week, there’s no doubt that they have some killer talent helping them scale the platform to own the rest of the web.

What you may not know, is that part of Facebook’s scaling effort has involved their use of the Apache Cassandra open source database. Other large sites including Twitter and Digg have made use of the open source technology, and the list keeps growing.

Dis-Cord: Mobile Transactions and the Death of Cash

Here’s a thought: walk into a bar, order, and pay with your phone. Why not? Japan as an entire nation has been doing it widely for at least the last five years. I know it sounds crazy but it’s time the wild wild West looked beyond what the mobile giants are pedaling today and ask themselves, “Why haven’t we done this yet?”

We’ve already seen a number of mobile payment technologies break onto the scene since the start of 2010, including a few raised right here in Austin, and they are doing more than just introducing new portals to give our money away; they are actually ballooning a market that has the potential to disrupt how we view, value, and spend our hard earned dinero.

Workstreamer Launches Public Beta

Everyone is so focused on search that they’re going to miss the bigger opportunity, which I think is making meaning out of the massive amount of information on the internet, not just searching it.

Bazaarvoice Inks Deal with "The Google"

The annual Social Commerce Summit created by Bazaarvoice seems to just get better year after year. The attendance grows higher, the clever marketing continues to pour out, and the announcements are big. So what could get bigger than an announcement about a new product, and a search deal with Google? Bazaarvoice announced that is has […]

Macheen in Stealth, but Starts with $2.75M

Let’s talk about a perfect storm. Start with Richard Schwartz. He’s been advising ATI companies for a while, and was the CEO of SoloMio. It looks like he just resigned as the Chairman of Jinni (presumably to focus on his new company). He’s active in a tech incubator program in Israel, and a former Sr. […]