Socialware Launches Social Middleware Platform

Socialware is emerging from stealth mode, and being increasingly public about its products and services. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m an advisor to Socialware along with Jeff Dachis (Dachis Group), Paul Rogers (Google), and Kenny Van Zant (Solarwinds). The company has been funded to date by some incredible investors, including G-51 Capital, Silverton Partners, and Maples Investments.

The company is enabling the social enterprise through the use of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and today announced the launch of its Social Middleware Platform. Now, for the first time, enterprises are able to integrate and leverage the public social networks where employees, customers and partners congregate. The cloud-based Social Middleware Platform sits between business users and public social networks, giving enterprises the control, security and visibility they need to transform the social Web into a viable business channel.”Social networks continue to become a larger part of our lives — Facebook alone has 400 million users who spend close to an hour a day on the site. Businesses have taken notice of this, but few have been able to truly leverage these sites,” said Chad Bockius, Socialware’s Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy. “The problem continues to point to enterprises struggling to handle governance, security and compliance on these public social sites. This fear has led 54% of companies to block access entirely, leaving employees without access to important social sites and their employers shut out from a proven business channel. Companies who don’t figure out a way to access and use public social networks are not only missing a tremendous opportunity, they are losing out to their competitors who are figuring it out.”

Introducing Social Middleware

Through Socialware, enterprises can safely and securely leverage public social networks within the framework of their established business processes, legacy systems and brand and compliance requirements. Social Middleware creates an on-demand, flexible, secure layer between enterprise users and public social networks that allows social data to be filtered, tagged, integrated, archived and aggregated in a way that makes sense for the enterprise. The platform offers enterprise security, privacy, access control, reporting, integration and data retention to allow companies to benefit from social networking. The platform can enable any number of innovative social applications (HR, CRM, marketing) that pull from all the resources available in the social web and are completely integrated with the systems and processes within the enterprise. Companies and partners win by leveraging innovative technologies that are freely available. Employees win by getting to use the tools they are already familiar with and comfortable using. Customers win by getting to communicate and interact with companies in a seamless way on their terms.

“Public social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn will be ubiquitous within the enterprise in just a few short years,” continued Bockius. “Unlike platforms that are reinventing the social wheel, Social Middleware adapts popular social networks to the enterprise to deliver measurable business benefit, rather than trying to drive adoption and usage of private social networks.”

“Socialware is leveraging a ground swell in both consumer demand for public social sites and market validation from the enterprise that these tools work,” said Mike Maples, Jr., managing partner at Maples Investments. “Socialware and its leadership have a strong understanding of both the enterprise pain points and the public social space. Socialware is on track to become the leader in this emerging and crucial market. I’m excited to join Socialware in its journey to incorporate public social spaces in the enterprise.”

About Bryan Menell

Bryan is the Managing Editor for AustinStartup and the CEO of Mahana. He is a co-founder of Capital Factory, an investor and advisor, and runs the popular Austin Tech Happy Hour with his wife.


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