Dachis Names Partners, Including Socialware

Dachis Group announced a select group of alliance partners today, including Socialware. Both companies are based in Austin. You may have read that I recently joined the Dachis Group, and I promise that the blog won’t become a platform for our news. But I think it’s significant that with a handful of partners in the announcement, that an Austin startup (Socialware) is in the alliance along with other great companies such as IBM, SocialCast, CoTweet, and Atlassian.

Socialware has been in stealth mode, but has updated their company website with a few more details. From the current website:

Socialware was founded by a group of individuals that is passionate about the idea of using public social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for productivity at work. We use these tools for sales prospecting, recruiting, employee engagement, project management, partner communication, and customer service and believe that all large enterprises should be equally tapping into this incredible opportunity. In short, we facilitate you unlocking the power of social networking for your employees.

You can read the full release  here, see a list of all the alliance partners, and also read the blog post about the alliances from Jevon Macdonald, one of our principal consultants.

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