GameWager Making Progress

It seems like just yesterday that GameWager moved their company from Houston to Austin to be closer to our gaming ecosystem. But it’s been almost a year. We featured them in a Q&A back in April. Since then, they’ve made solid progress on their product, and gave a fantastic demo at the Beta Summit at Innotech. Now the company has raised more money from their existing investors, and convinced advisor Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, to take a more active role in the company.

Nolan has been an advisor to the company for about a year, but is apparently going to be a little bit more active. I asked GameWager co-founder Thomas Marriott how he managed to snag Nolan Bushnell as an advisor. He said they just thought he would be a great advisor, and tracked him down and made a cold call.

Company founders Thomas Marriott and George Giannukos have really been running the company on a thin budget, using their apartment as their office. I asked Thomas if their new funds would be used for getting an office, and his reply was simply “no.” Tough times demand frugal measures!

I look forward to fragging you on GameWager soon!

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  1. Thanks Bryan! In all fairness, I did have a :D with my no…

    For fraggin ?’s, feel free to reach out!

  2. Knowledge gives weight, gives glory to achievement, most people only see the glory, not to weigh the weight!

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