Innotech 2010 Beta Summit Presenters Announced

I have the pleasure of hosting the Innotech Beta Summit again for 2010, and I have a select group of the freshest technology products that Austin has to offer. In prior years, we’ve featured companies such as OtherInBox (which has since gone on to raise $4M), Spredfast (which raised $1.6M), Game Salad (which raised $1M), [...]

Workstreamer Banks $3.5M Series A

I think it’s safe to say that early stage funding is going strong in Austin in 2010. It seems that not a week goes by without a notable seed round or A round invested in Austin companies. Back in April we wrote about Workstreamer, a business listening platform, launching their public beta. At the time they had 350 people in their private beta, and hoped to gain momentum and real customer insights from a larger public beta.

Workstreamer Launches Public Beta

Everyone is so focused on search that they’re going to miss the bigger opportunity, which I think is making meaning out of the massive amount of information on the internet, not just searching it.