Sends Video to the Cloud

Home video security can be kind of expensive. There’s lots of wires, cameras, mounting, VCR’s, changing tapes, and other hassles. The people from Austin-based hope to change all that by bringing simplicity to the video camera experience. will sell you a web-enabled camera for $129. It will do 24 frames/second at 640 x […]

Update from [video] co-founder Tina Cannon spoke with us at Capital Factory the other day. We’ve got the video to prove it. In this video, Tina talks about the iPhone app that PetsMD has coming very soon now, as well as existing features like the interactive symptom checker, and finding a vet. Do you like short videos […]

Waterfall Mobile [Video]

Matt Silk, one of the co-founders of Waterfall Mobile, was in Austin for a few days. We had a chance to catch up with him and ask him about what the company was up to these days. The company is based in the Silicon Valley, but works with big brands everywhere. The company did some […]