Mass Relevance Hits a 25 Billion Milestone

Mass Relevance, the technology leader in social curation and integration, today announced that it has passed key company milestones as demand accelerates for social experiences that engage users and boost brand loyalty. As of May 15, the company’s platform has integrated 25 billion pieces of content into dynamic visualizations on digital displays ranging from TV and second screens through billboards, stadium displays, websites, mobile apps, conference centers and in-store displays.

We Caught Up With A Raleigh-Based Mobile Startup @SXSWECO

I wanted to share a recent SXSWECO briefing I had with JouleBug, a Raleigh-based mobile app maker focused on energy management and conservation. Now I could have said the “sustainability” sector,  but your eyes would have glazed over. Technically, though, they’re a data and gaming platform, which is why I wanted to share some of […]

FeedMagnet Featured at SXSW

If you want to read the playbook on how to grow your technology startup, you could do worse than paying attention to FeedMagnet.

Q&A Wednesday :: TweetTV

Today’s Q&A Wednesday is with Bradley Markham, founder of TweetTV. They’ll be pitching at the Social TV Summit in New York this week. Q: Give us the elevator pitch for your company? tweetTV ( or is real-time social TV. It’s part TV discovery tool and part TV communication platform. We’ve created a real-time, localized […]

Mass Relevance Named First Re-Syndication Partner of Twitter

Mass Relevance today announced that it has been selected by Twitter (blog post) as the first curation partner officially licensed to re-syndicate Twitter content. Content publishers can now work directly with Mass Relevance to publish and display syndicated Twitter content, as well as directly monetize the content through sponsorships or direct response. Through this partnership, […]

Dis-cord: Tweet Your Turf

Location-aware software is largely just a novelty right now, but over the next year will greatly impact entertainment, news, and even physical goods. Why you should get in now, or get left behind.

The End of a Trend

I don’t like Twitter. I’ve never been coy about that. When it first launched, I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” When it exploded in use, I thought, “This too shall pass.” When Ashton Kutcher sent a picture of his wife’s ass to the world, I thought, “We have reached the point of no return.” And yet, here we still are.

Follow Our Austin Twitter Lists!

Our friends at Twitter rolled out their much-anticipated Lists feature to all users today. The new capability is very useful for finding and following users in certain verticals or categories, and we think that it is reasonable to expect an explosion in list-making over the weekend. ReadWriteWeb has a great piece on Lists, which includes […]