SXSW2014 Launch: FitChimp

FitChimp is an interactive “micro-gym” that enable employees to step away from their desk and engage in energy boosting and pain reducing 2-5 minute micro-workouts without needing to change clothes or shower.

SXSW 2014 Launch: Access The Night

Access The Night is a social discovery app that instantly connects you with local entertainment options.

SXSW 2014 Launch: The Right Arm

We’ve created an affordable, portable, stand-up environment for small form-factor laptops and tablets.

SXSW 2014 Launch: ROIKOI

ROIKOI is a new way to find and feature the great people at every company.

SXSW 2014 Launch: SecondMic

SecondMic is an app that lets anyone listen to smart alternative commentary while watching a sports game or show live on TV.

Q&A Wednesday :: Filament Labs

Today’s Q&A Wednesday is with Filament Labs, which had a tremendous launch at TechStars Demo Day at the Austin Music Hall a few weeks ago.

Q&A Wednesday :: Embrace

Embrace LogoToday’s Q&A Wednesday is with Bart Bohn, CEO of Embrace.

Q&A Wednesday :: AlohaTech / NiteWolf

Today’s Q&A Wednesday is with Raphael Cohen of AlohaTech, who is bringing NiteWolf to market.

Q&A Wednesday :: SubtleData

Today’s Q&A Wednesday is Richard Bagdonas, founder and CTO of SubtleData, a platform for developers that want to create mobile solutions for the hospitality industry. Be their 100th follower on AngelList and win a Starbucks gift card.

Q&A Wednesday :: Toopher

Today’s Q&A Wednesday is with Toopher co-founder and CEO Josh Alexander.