Are Mobile Platforms Austin’s Differentiator?

mobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich As we’ve discussed in this column before, Austin has a very robust mobile scene. But, then so do the Bay Area, New York City, the Boston 128 corridor, and for that matter Houston and Dallas. And, of course, if you start counting non-US domestic hotbeds, you’ve got thriving mobile scenes [...]

Interview with Bril Flint, angel investor and tech strategist

mobileTech Tuesday special – A Podcast with Bril Flint, angel investor and technology strategist Note: Today, I am pleased to announce the “soft launch” of a new channel of original and curated content of best practices, profiles, features, and commentary, covering the rapid transition to the mobile, app-based economy, aka, the appconomy. This interview is [...]

Phunware's Disney Product Launches

Undercover Tourist, an Orlando, Florida-based discount travel company, is helping visitors of Walt Disney World® navigate those long attraction lines with the launch of a new iPhone application. The Undercover Tourist App, developed in conjunction with Phunware, Inc., is an innovative, first-of-its-kind application designed to maximize the enjoyment for visitors to Disney World® by minimizing [...]