Ordoro Lands $1.2M Series A

When reviewing 300 applications for Capital Factory every year, and only accept a few, sometimes a couple will get away from you. Such is the case with InfoChimps, and also Ordoro which just raised a $1.2M Series A round of financing. It’s bittersweet, but I really do enjoy it when startups come back at you later and effectively say “I told you so!”

Q&A Wednesday :: Ordoro

Today’s Q&A Wednesday is with Jagath Narayan from Ordoro. The company will be presenting at the Under The Radar Conference on November 9th. Q: Give us the elevator pitch for your company? Ordoro helps retailers scale their ecommerce business. First, we sync their inventory with Amazon, eBay and other popular webstores, in real-time. Then, we […]

Ordoro and 3dcart to Enhance Holiday Sales for Online Retailers

Order fulfillment service Ordoro is teaming up with ecommerce software provider 3dcart to extend integrated inventory management to the 10,000+ retailers using that platform. With this new partnership, retailers on 3dcart will get full access to Ordoro’s rich feature set that includes cross channel retailing across Amazon and eBay. Ordoro offers a cloud-based solution for […]

Ordoro Riding the ecommerce Growth Wave

Retail ecommerce revenues in the US hit $165 billion in 2010. According to Forrester, a market research company, ecommerce now makes up 8% of total retail sales. And this percentage is expected to grow to $269 billion by 2015, according to eMarketer, another market research firm. The main reasons sited for this growth are – […]