A Simple Message From Tim O’Reilly: Create More Value Than You Capture

If you’re familiar with media CEO and web visionary Tim O’Reilly, you know he’s been pitching a simple message around value for some time: create more of it than you capture.

Google+ or Minus?

Being the tech tire-kicker I am, when Google+ launched I was curious. Would the web giant get it right this time, or stumble through another missed opportunity a la Buzz? There was also a certain sense of fatigue that crept over me. I immediately felt compelled to tee up my best app configuration and social […]

Tech Elephant Mating Fosters New Mobile Species

mobileTechThursday, by Steve Guengerich What a week, huh? First Google buys Motorola Mobility. Then, slipped in there quietly, Time Warner Cable buys Insight.  And finally, HP announces that it’s getting out of the PC business, ceding mobile to Apple and letting Dell battle Lenovo and the other APAC manufacturers for what’s left of the laptop […]

Mutual Mobile Growing Rapidly

Despite growing national concerns over a shortage of mobile technology talent, Mutual Mobile today announced the addition of 70 new hires in the second quarter. In response to increasing demand for best-of-breed mobile applications, the nation’s largest mobile strategy and development firm is expanding their team of experts to provide enterpise clients with a holistic approach to mobile. Mutual […]

Google Streetview Coming to Austin

Earlier in the year the good folks at Google announced that they were going to start taking StreetView into some actual retail establishments. A much more difficult task than driving a car around the city street. Last week I was at J. Black’s and bumped into one such interior photographer. The place was rather dark, […]

HomeAway Shareholders Find Liquidity in Google Ventures

It’s being circulated in the New York Times and Techcrunch that Google Ventures has purchased $25M in shares of HomeAway from existing shareholders at a reported valuation of $1.4B. Techcrunch speculates that the company is seeing revenue of $200M and putting a healthy $70M per year to the bottom line. That would be a price to earnings ratio of 20, which is slightly lower than the average of 21 of the S&P 500 (someone should check my Wall St. math on this).