WP Engine and Facebook Combine to Enhance Speed, Stability and Performance for HHVM

There has been a new technological advancement for PHP developers and the developer community as a whole. For the very first time PHP and HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine), an open-source project created by Facebook, can now run side-by-side on the same server, vastly increasing speed, performance and stability for websites in production environments. By doing so, modern websites and applications with dynamic content built on HHVM can see an average response time increase of 560%.

We Caught Up With A Raleigh-Based Mobile Startup @SXSWECO

I wanted to share a recent SXSWECO briefing I had with JouleBug, a Raleigh-based mobile app maker focused on energy management and conservation. Now I could have said the “sustainability” sector,  but your eyes would have glazed over. Technically, though, they’re a data and gaming platform, which is why I wanted to share some of […]

New Space and New Customers for Mass Relevance

MassRelevance has been on a rapid growth trajectory lately, as you can tell both by the expanding office space needs and new customer wins. The company employs 50 people (with open job requisitions for 15 more) and 170 customers, most of whom have household names. Today CNN and Facebook launched Election Insights based upon Facebook data relating to the presidential candidates. Mass Relevance has traditionally been known for it’s ability to handle real-time social content for Twitter. According to Mass Relevance CEO Sam Decker, when CNN needed help with Facebook data, the company was able to leverage their existing data analysis and visualization tools.

Polygraph Media Announces Launch of its Big Data Analysis Tool for Facebook Marketing

Polygraph Media today announced the launch of its Polygraph™ Reports — data mining and analytics for Facebook. With a data science approach, Polygraph works in real-time to collect data from Facebook Pages and subscriber-enabled Profiles, and quantifies it in over 40 charts, graphs, and data visualizations to give marketers actionable intelligence to inform marketing campaigns and strategies. As a “truth detector” for Facebook marketing, Polygraph Reports are ideal for brands with a major Facebook presence and the agencies or consultants who work with them.

Socialware Brings Compliance Expertise to the Facebook PMD

Socialware, the leader in social media compliance and relationship software, brings unmatched expertise in the financial services vertical as part of the Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program. Drawing from experience working with more than 125 financial services firms, Socialware will help organizations in one of Facebook’s fast-growing verticals leverage the world’s largest social network for business.

FeedMagnet Featured at SXSW

If you want to read the playbook on how to grow your technology startup, you could do worse than paying attention to FeedMagnet.

Google+ or Minus?

Being the tech tire-kicker I am, when Google+ launched I was curious. Would the web giant get it right this time, or stumble through another missed opportunity a la Buzz? There was also a certain sense of fatigue that crept over me. I immediately felt compelled to tee up my best app configuration and social […]

Dachis Group Meet + Greet

If you’ve not been to one of our previous Dachis Group happy hours, you definitely need to swing by, say hello, and have a drink on us. We’ve got a bunch of people in town from other offices around the world, so it’s a great opportunity to share some ideas about what is going on […]

Have I Got a Pizza for You! An Unscientific Survey of Austin Mobile Deals

mobileTech Tuesday by Steve Guengerich As the supremacy of the freemium app and appcommerce business models over the fee-based, paid apps becomes more evident every month, deals have become among the most hotly contested mobile app categories. Given the heat of competition and that one of the hotter Austin-headquartered ventures WhaleShark Media is a deals-oriented […]

MinorMonitor Launches Free Tool for Parents to Monitor Their Child’s Facebook Activities

MinorMonitor went live today as a unique, free, web-based tool for monitoring children on Facebook.  Built just for parents to enable a quick, dashboard-view into their child(ren)’s Facebook activities and friends, MinorMonitor was created by Infoglide, a government-grade technology company that has been delivering anti-fraud software solutions to federal and state governments and commercial organizations […]