New Report: There’s Tech Jobs In Austin But Others Lead In New Tech Growth

A recent report shared by the Austin Technology Council and sponsored by Engine Advocacy, was part reinforcement and part surprise. The Bay Area Council Economic Institute prepared the report, “Technology Works: Patterns of High-Technology Employment and Wages in the United States,” and shows Austin and the Austin-San Antonio corridor is a favorable hub for high-tech employment. That’s not the surprise. “Given the size […]

Austin Looks Well Positioned For Future Job Growth

With the economy in a lukewarm recovery, it appears companies are starting to ramp up hiring efforts. If we look at the broader recovery, it’s easy to get excited about Austin’s momentum. Take a look at the map from Atlantic Cities (below) showing the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Austin ranked […]

ATC’s Survey Results Show CEOs Still On The Hunt For Talent

With unemployment still high and the U.S. economy still tight, it’s always a bit surprising to see companies struggling to staff up. But that’s exactly what Austin Technology Council’s recent survey results from more than a hundred CEOs showed. I looked at three of the top findings and tried to uncover some of the reasons […]