Dachis Group Launches Campaign Performance Monitor

As the old saying goes, “I know only half of my marketing is working, but I don’t know which half.” It’s especially true in the world of social media marketing, where measurement of ROI is elusive. The popular listening tools, like Radian6 and BuzzMetrics, monitor a small fraction of the social web (enough for statistical significance) to determine consumer sentiment, but that falls short when trying to understand social campaign performance. Dachis Group launches their Campaign Performance Monitor today, which produces insights like the one below.

Dachis Group Launches Advocate Insight

Dachis Group launched the second of it’s paid SaaS applications today, named Advocate Insight. It’s built upon the same big data platform that drives the Social Business Index, Social Portfolio Insights, and the Social Performance Monitor. The product helps to solve the problem of advocate identification for large brands with thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of advocates.

Dachis Group Launches Social Business Index

I hang out with a lot of software and SaaS types. One of the most frequent questions I get about Dachis Group is around our consulting services, and if we will ever make money in ways other than just hourly services. We’ve been quietly building some incredible “big data” capabilities, and I’m happy to say […]

Let the Panel Picking Begin! (Round 1)

Every year thousands of panels are submitted to the SXSW Interactive conference. Either lots of people have some really interesting things to say, or they are hoping to get picked to for the free pass. Whichever the motivation, voting by the public makes up about a third of the scoring. And that leads to lots […]

Dachis Group Meet + Greet

If you’ve not been to one of our previous Dachis Group happy hours, you definitely need to swing by, say hello, and have a drink on us. We’ve got a bunch of people in town from other offices around the world, so it’s a great opportunity to share some ideas about what is going on […]

Austin Apps to Power Your Personal Economy

mobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich In a post on TechCrunch over the holidays, entrepreneur and author Stephen Martin wrote about the premise of his new book, The Enterprise of One. In the post, Martin writes about how we have arrived at a new milestone┬áhe calls “the democratization of opportunity.” He goes on to write a […]

Dachis Group Acquires Archrival

This morning Dachis Group announced the acquisition of a youth marketing consultancy / agency based in Lincoln, Nebraska named Archrival. If you want a small example of how innovative these people are, just check out their new website that launched today. It’s one of the most visually attractive websites I’ve seen in recent memory, and its cleverness makes me want to pick apart their code to figure out how they did a few things.

Dachis Group Acquires Stuzo

I don’t often write about our news and announcements at Dachis Group because I don’t want to appear biased. After all, I’ve been working at the company for over a year now. But today we announced the acquisition of Stuzo, and I wanted to share the news here. With this acquisition, we now have an incredible boost to our customer engagement practice. When Facebook announced their “Preferred Developer” program, Stuzo was right there in the very first batch of companies allowed into the program. Stuzo’s technology allows advertisers to integrate promotions across multiple social platforms. Their high profile clients include The Coca Cola Company, Budweiser, HBO, and Chevrolet.

Innotech Cheat Sheet

If you’re attending the Innotech conference at the Austin Convention Center on Thursday, here’s a brief guide to some of the great things happening during the day. 9:30am Room 11 Developing in the Cloud with Josh Baer. Learn about cloud computing infrastructure, platforms and applications that you can leverage to reduce costs, increase reliability and […]

Dachis Names Partners, Including Socialware

Dachis Group announced a select group of alliance partners today, including Socialware. Both companies are based in Austin. You may have read that I recently joined the Dachis Group, and I promise that the blog won’t become a platform for our news. But I think it’s significant that with a handful of partners in the […]