ATC Sharpens Austin’s Pitch, Targets Life Sciences

Packaging a city’s value is a little different these days. It goes beyond regional battles and attempts to poach HQ’s from other metros. Cities compete globally, so in addition to quality of life, it’s important for local leaders to understand everything from national policy to industry trends and growth opportunities. And while Austin’s entrepreneurial diversity is one of its strengths, it can be tough getting to a sales deck everyone can agree on.

Terapio Bank $5M Series A

Terapio Corporation, a development stage biotechnology company based in Austin, Texas, today announced it has secured $5 million in equity financing from Santé Ventures. Terapio is developing a pipeline of therapeutic applications based on the unique properties RLIP76, a transport protein that helps move large molecules across the cell membrane. The first application of Terapio’s […]