SXSW Launch :: Grouped{in}

You couldn’t walk a block at SXSW without seeing a T-shirt, mobile billboard, twirling sign with the Grouped{in} logo on it. If last year was the battle of the location-based services at SXSW, then this year was the battle of the group messaging apps. If you attended the March Austin Tech Happy Hour, you got to see Grouped{in} up close and personal at their demo table.

SXSW :: Hurricane Party's Japan Fundraiser

Here’s a brief 1-minute video I made at Kenichi, where Hurricane Party was holding a fundraiser for victim’s of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. The team at Hurricane Party pulled this even together in less than 24 hours, and raised a significant amount of money for relief efforts. Many thanks to Kenichi for donating food, drinks, […]

Are Mobile Platforms Austin’s Differentiator?

mobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich As we’ve discussed in this column before, Austin has a very robust mobile scene. But, then so do the Bay Area, New York City, the Boston 128 corridor, and for that matter Houston and Dallas. And, of course, if you start counting non-US domestic hotbeds, you’ve got thriving mobile scenes […]

Style and Substance at Launch 2011

Special Thursday edition of mobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich I’m in San Francisco this week with a couple colleagues from Appconomy at the Launch conference for the official announcement of our first app, Group{in}. Other Austin companies here include Deed or Greed – deals & coupons site where users earn cash-back from purchases they and […]

How Mobile Has Changed Live Music

by Sam Nachbar, guest mobileTech Tuesday (Cross-posted from The Appconomy) In Part 1 of this Markets overview for the live music industry, we covered issues related to live music recording, promotion, and sales and the role of mobile technology. In this post, we pick up on other issues that touch culture, process, and business practice changes that […]

Interview with Bril Flint, angel investor and tech strategist

mobileTech Tuesday special – A Podcast with Bril Flint, angel investor and technology strategist Note: Today, I am pleased to announce the “soft launch” of a new channel of original and curated content of best practices, profiles, features, and commentary, covering the rapid transition to the mobile, app-based economy, aka, the appconomy. This interview is […]

Mapping the App Economy

mobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich In December, after spending a little time identifying the other people and companies in the greater Austin area that were working in the mobile space, I borrowed a page from the work by the ATX Equation and posted a map of the Austin Mobile Scene. Others added more companies, people, […]

Betting the Future of Commerce = Apps

mobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich Barely a week into the New Year, the American Dialect Society brushed away any doubt that 2010 was a watershed year for mobile technology by voting “app” the Word of the Year, as reported by NPR and other media outlets. More interesting than the fact that it beat out “nom […]

Mobile Megatrends

mobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich Last week, I presented an initial map of Austin’s mobile scene and wrote about how mobile tech has fast become the hottest area in the industry. The Christmas holidays have given additional think-time for others to further highlight this trend, much better frankly than I could do. One of the […]