Family Trends in Mobile Media

The most connected people in family friendly games happen to be right here in Austin, Texas at Famigo. They recently published an infographic describing current trends in mobile as it relates to family gaming activity.

Google+ or Minus?

Being the tech tire-kicker I am, when Google+ launched I was curious. Would the web giant get it right this time, or stumble through another missed opportunity a la Buzz? There was also a certain sense of fatigue that crept over me. I immediately felt compelled to tee up my best app configuration and social […]

SceneTap Announces Launch Date, Moves to Austin

SceneTap, a technology and nightlife company that gives consumers real-time info on the local bar scene, announced today that its launch in the Austin market will take place on Friday, Dec. 9, 2011. SceneTap has also relocated its headquarters to Austin, though the company will maintain a strong Chicago presence. A free app for iPhone, […]

Famigo Sandbox Makes It Safe for Parents to Pass the Phone to Kids

Famigo, the only company focused on making mobile technology work for families, launches its newest product today: the Famigo Sandbox app, free for Android platforms. Famigo Sandbox resolves concerns parents might have about passing their mobile device to their children. The abundance of smart phones and tablets has ushered in a phenomenon known as the […]

Rallyhood Launches iOS and Android Versions

Rallyhood, a group coordination app, announced the launch of the first consumer-focused online and mobile app that provide all the social and productivity tools needed to allow groups of any size or type to easily stay organized and rally around a common cause (video here). Instead of logging into to multiple sites and using email […]

Famigo Family App Review Now Supports Apple iOS

Famigo is expanding its efforts to help families discover appropriate mobile content by launching support for Apple iOS apps today.  In July, Famigo introduced Family App Review, an interactive guide that enables families to search and sort for games, e-books and other apps.  Today, families can now use Family App Review to discover, select and […]

Mobile and the ‘internet of things’

mobileTech Thursday, by Steve Guengerich I just returned from GigaOM’s annual Mobilize conference, held Monday and Tuesday this week, at the UCSF Mission Bay conference center in San Francisco. With this week’s post, I wanted to focus on two sessions that caught my interest as a potential area of opportunity for Austin’s mobile entrepreneurs. The […]

Famigo Supports Android, Introduces Famigo Family App Review

Famigo, the only company 100-percent focused on making mobile technology work for families, today introduced its Famigo Family App Review, an interactive guide for families to discover and select favorite games and e-books from 300,000+ and growing Android apps. Famigo Family App Review sorts all Android apps into categories according to several family-based criteria to […]