Can right brain types embrace their left brain???

Best selling author Bill Donius was what he would term a classic “left brain” type, before he discovered Dr. Roger Sperry’s Nobel prize winning discovery about the independence of brain function between the left and right hemisphere.

The Art of Appreciation

Something really bad has been going around Austin for a few years now, an approach by local start ups to “get as much as you can for free as long as you can.”

Man or Machine

Technologist, I am calling you to the mat. Every profession comes with its own its own language. With the proliferation of human interaction with computers and the rapid adoption of ICT’s over the last 20 years, entirely new industries, new languages and consequently new cultures have been born. Biologist Mark Pagel theorizes that humans evolved [...]

We Are Austin Tech: Mellie Price

Today on WAAT we caught up with Mellie Price to talk about Entrepreneurship, Austin, and few companies that she started. Mellie founded the recently acquired Front Gate Tickets along with a web development firm called Monsterbit. She believes that the shared resources and collaborative attitude make Austin a uniquely supportive place for an Entrepreneur. “When [...]

We Are Austin Tech: Sam Decker

Sam Decker is Co-Founder and CEO of Mass Relevance, a social engagement platform that discovers, filters, and displays real-time content anywhere.

We Are Austin Tech: Lloyd Armbrust

Lloyd Armbrust has been working in and around newspapers for over 15 years when he started as a circulation call-center manager for the Duluth News-Tribune. In 2001 he moved into online sales and then worked to built several newspaper websites from the ground up. In 2008, he started OwnLocal and in 2010 received funding from [...]

Q&A Wednesday :: Flashback Data

Today’s Q&A Wedensday is with Flashback Data.

We Are Austin Tech :: Aaron Brazell

Aaron is a long-time core contributor to WordPress and has been involved in several startups including Austin’s own WP Engine. He wrote the WordPress Bible (Wiley) and has been providing high-end WordPress development solutions to clients for much of the past 3 years. He has also traveled around the country speaking at a variety of industry events relating to open source, media and social marketing.

We Are Austin Tech: Damon Clinkscales

Today on WAAT we caught up with Damon Clinkscales, Web engineer at VitalSource building an e-textbook platform. Damon talks with us about founding Austin on Rails back in 2005. He also talks about the various tech communities in Austin and where you should get plugged in right away. Damon also hosts @cafebedouins a weekly tuesday [...]

The PR Challenges of Working With the Self-Proclaimed In-Crowd

About 3 weeks ago, a TechCrunch writer named Ryan Lawler wrote a story about the Lyft launch and how it got “ruined” because a GigaOm (he didn’t say that, but I’m pretty sure that’s the “offender” from the comments) writer posted their story late the night before the embargo was to be lifted (no pun).