Reviewing the New SAFE Investment Instrument

Recently made available by Y Combinator, the SAFE investment instrument is intended to improve on the highly popular convertible note used by startups during the seed stage or as a short-term bridge between equity rounds.

Why Everyone is Moving to Austin

An Unfair Advantage All Startups Have Against Big Companies

This blog post originally appeared on Gordon’s blog “Shockwave Innovations” here. It’s not innovation or company culture or a desire to win.  Those are important but successful big companies have at least some of those things too.  It’s nimbleness (aka – agility).  Startups have a “turning radius” measured in inches whereas really big companies can barely turn around in […]

The Success of Austin Tech Office Expansions

AppRiver, a security software company, is the latest to announce an expansion into the Austin market. It seems this headline has been repeated over and over again, and we’re just wondering how well that has been working out. The AppRiver story is not unique.

Where to Start a Tech Startup

An infographic from the folks at Bizbrain.

SpareFoot Donates Storage Space to Tornado Victims

Self-storage marketplace SpareFoot is offering relief to those affected by the devastating tornadoes in the Oklahoma City area. The Austin, TX-based company will donate a month of storage to businesses, families and individuals who need temporary space to store and protect their belongings in the aftermath of the tornadoes.

Austinpreneurs as Celebrated Athletes

Bob Metcalfe wants tech founders to be heralded like athletes. I see a few tactical steps that will help. I’ll break them into some non snarky categories and avoid “inside baseball” jargon that is inherent in my style of writing…

Austin, I will teach you to be Asian

I wanted to call this article, “How to self-fund using 650 steps” but I didn’t want the knee-jerk reaction of ‘OMG, that sounds like a lot of work’. So, I’ll swerve away from my norm of grittily tactical blog posts meant to serve engineers who are hacking their 1st $900k in sales. Instead, I will head in my default direction: hiLarryAss.

The Keynote You’ll Never Hear at SXSW

More accurately, my blog post title should be “The Keynote You’ll Not Hear at SXSW Until 2014, 2015 or Beyond”. Specifically, my focus is: “crossing the chasm from the right.” Right now SXSW is incredibly focused on ‘appointment based learning.’ I understand that SXSW Inc has a business model they want to preserve.

Can right brain types embrace their left brain???

Best selling author Bill Donius was what he would term a classic “left brain” type, before he discovered Dr. Roger Sperry’s Nobel prize winning discovery about the independence of brain function between the left and right hemisphere.