OutboundEngine Launches with $1.6M Series A

OutboundEngine, the platform enabling independent professionals to nurture their customer relationships through automated, customized email and social media services, emerged from stealth mode today and announced it had closed a $1.6 million Series A investment round from top tier investors. One of the most sought-after investors in the valley right now is Mike Maples, Jr. [...]

SubtleData Brings Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration To The Cloud, Speeds App Development In The Hospitality Industry

Most of the technology glitz in the restaurant and hospitality industry will likely end up as an app on your smartphone. You’ll be able to whip out your device and pay your bill, redeem a coupon, or even help your buddy leave a tip for that last round. But having all those capabilities takes some non-glitzy stuff. [...]

We Caught Up With A Raleigh-Based Mobile Startup @SXSWECO

I wanted to share a recent SXSWECO briefing I had with JouleBug, a Raleigh-based mobile app maker focused on energy management and conservation. Now I could have said the “sustainability” sector,  but your eyes would have glazed over. Technically, though, they’re a data and gaming platform, which is why I wanted to share some of [...]

Can Healthcare Infrastructure Provide A Spark For Austin’s Startup Community?

There’s been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of a new hospital in Austin. I won’t dive too much into the civic implications, you can read Brian Kelsey’s comments for that. I want to highlight two things: 1.) recent opinion and data on “eds and meds” 2.) how more healthcare infrastructure might impact startups. And just a small disclaimer. I realize we’re talking about a hospital. But my assumption, right or wrong, is that a large medical center will bring a substantial ecosystem along with it.

Getting Passbook To Work on iOS 6

Like many of you I was excited to see what Passbook was all about! But I could not get it to work at all. Searching around the internet there were various ways of tricking it into working, so I thought I would include a tip here. But in general, what the heck is Apple thinking around this? Ship it disabled, or patch it later?

MassRelevance Launches Product Studio

Mass Relevance has been on a solid growth streak lately. They’re moving to new downtown offices, and constantly announcing new customer wins. If you’re not familiar with their tools, they allow anybody to aggregate, filter, curate, and re-use social content. It’s a fantastic toolkit, and you can create endless combinations of filters, sources, and rules. Today they’ve stepped the game up a notch with the launch of Product Studio.

Q&A Wednesday :: SubtleData

Today’s Q&A Wednesday is Richard Bagdonas, founder and CTO of SubtleData, a platform for developers that want to create mobile solutions for the hospitality industry. Be their 100th follower on AngelList and win a Starbucks gift card.

New Kickstarter Project :: CineMoco

A year ago we wrote about an Austin Kickstarter project named CineSkates. The product eventually grew into a company. Now the company is starting another kickstarter project for CineMoco. Their 2-minute video tells all.

FeedMagnet Adds Viddy Support

Responding to strong customer interest, FeedMagnet announces the availability of Viddy as the latest social media source to its powerful aggregation and curation platform for brands and agencies. The platform already accesses content from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks which the addition of Viddy will complement for FeedMagnet customers.

XBRL Data Forum Brings Opportunities To Austin’s Developer Community

XBRL is visiting Austin this Fall for a one-day conference designed to educate and enlighten developers and software companies about a data standard that is rapidly growing across the country and around the world. On September 11 at the Austin Hilton, XBRL experts, developers and technologists will get together to discuss XBRL standards, build databases, [...]