XBRL Data Forum Brings Opportunities To Austin’s Developer Community

XBRL is visiting Austin this Fall for a one-day conference designed to educate and enlighten developers and software companies about a data standard that is rapidly growing across the country and around the world. On September 11 at the Austin Hilton, XBRL experts, developers and technologists will get together to discuss XBRL standards, build databases, [...]

Uber at SXSW (We Have the Hookup)

If you read TechCrunch you’ve probably read about white hot valley startup Uber. The company’s iPhone app provides car service at the press of a button, pre-paid, and priced based upon demand. Just for SXSW, Uber can be used for Pedicab service during the conference.

What Form of Business?

I get asked this question all the time, and here’s a great infographic from Business.com talking about the various forms of incorporation. I’m not a lawyer, but there are tons of great firms in town that specialize in tech startups. Visit Business.com for more resources on How to Start a Business

Startup Community Helping Fire Victims

Over the weekend I read accounts of some firefighters from one area of Bastrop where 11 of 24 firefighters at a station lost their own homes. I also saw some horrible pictures from local tech entrepreneur Richard Bagdonas who went to Bastrop over the weekend to offer any assistance he could provide. Thanks to the [...]

Without Chips, Mobile Is Nothing

mobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich As I was on my way to pick up my Monday morning coffee at 6am, I had an audio double-take when I heard this exchange on the morning news report between the KUT anchor and a reporter from the Austin Business Journal about chipmaker Altera Corp’s announced intentions to move [...]

New Jobs Section

I have changed the way that our Jobs section works, and it is now powered by Indeed.com. Along the right hand side is a list of all the emerging technology companies that are hiring in Austin (in my humble, personal opinion). Click on any of those company names, and you’ll see all the current job [...]

Open Positions at the ATI

Interested in being part of the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem in Austin? Here are two awesome-sounding jobs that will remain posted till Wednesday, so please check them out promptly. The Austin Technology Incubator is hiring for these positions, so make sure to apply now. ATI has served the entrepreneur community for over twenty years and [...]

Capital Factory 2011 Applications Open

In just 10 weeks during the summer, your company can make more progress than it would have otherwise in 10 months. That’s possible, because the Capital Factory program will provide you with some cash (up to $20,000), the mentorship of 20 great entrepreneurs, and free services with a value of about $20,000 additional. This will [...]

Austin-Based Riptano Can Haz Valley Monies

We last reported on Riptano’s launch in April – and just a few months later the company has announced they already raised a tidy $2.7MM in a Series A.

Lightspeed Venture Partners led the round, while Sequoia Capital and Jason Calacanis also got in on the action.  John Vrionis of Lightspeed Venture Partners will join Riptano’s board.  The company said they will use the cash to hire developers and further build out their business team to better serve their customers.

You Shouldn’t Have to Pay to Talk To Your Own Customers

37signals’ dustup with GetSatisfaction almost 2 years ago now for bullying marketing tactics is still cited as an example of how, especially when it comes to customer care, the question of who “owns” your interactions with your users (and they with you) is a sensitive subject.