About Sam Decker

Sam is a co-founder and CEO of Mass Relevance, was the founding CMO of Bazaarvoice, and co-founder of Capital Factory.

How Mass Relevance Worked Hack Week

This past week, Mass Relevance hosted its very first Hack Week. Daily tasks and ongoing projects were put on the back burner in favor of innovative new ideas and creative concepts. Here’s why we did it, and how it was done.

Why Did Mass Relevance Move Downtown?

Many have asked me “Why did you move downtown? How has it been?” As a public service to fellow entrepreneurs, I’d like to share our experience…

The Mass Relevance “Fantastic Friday” review of Franklin Barbecue

This is my fifth startup, and I’ve learned that as a team you can’t have hard work without hard play. In the crucible of building a company, don’t forget to step back and make the non-work connections with your team. That makes better work possible. As part of the culture at Mass Relevance, on the […]