Lessons Learned from Capital Factory Demo Day 2010: What Does It Really Mean To Be Lean?

At Wednesday’s Capital Factory Demo Day, one of the major takeaways for me was that many of us don’t really know what a lean startup is, or how one is successfully managed. This idea was brought to my attention during Ash Maurya’s presentation called “How to Identify a Lean Startup”.

Event: ATX Tech Women Meeting

ATX Tech Women are having their second meet-up tonight. Yes, it took a bit of a hiatus, but recovering from SXSW isn’t a small task.

The group will be meeting at Mangia’s Pizza on Guadalupe so everyone can grab a drink and food before entering into deep, tech-inspired talk. Make sure to RSVP quickly so we can save you a spot!

Informavore: The Future of Data Privacy

On March 12th, Infochimps, a startup data marketplace here in Austin, entered into a revenue sharing agreement with MySpace allowing the social network’s data to be available for sale on the Infochimps site.

A week later, after ReadWriteWeb wrote about the deal, a number of negative comments and ensuing articles were written, most notably a conversation thread on Slashdot.

What happened here, and what can this tell us about the possible futures for data privacy?

"We Can Do It": ATX Women in Tech Unite

Last week an uncommon thing happened, 20 women working in technology got together to talk shop. Yes everyone, women do exist in tech. It’s not all greasy haired programmers and shiny suit wearing entreps. Looking around at any tech party in Austin, you usually think “There are too many damn men in this room”; and you’d be right.

Informavore: What Vegas Can Teach Entrepreneurs

Las Vegas is the mecca for any and all surveillance, and has aggregated some of the most interesting behavioral data around. Among the lessons that the data exposes are two decision fallacies that fund the city’s gambling earnings, and which startups need to keep constantly in mind.

Inaugural Ignite Austin Event Tonight at The Phoenix

5 Minutes, 20 slides, any topic! Ignite comes to Austin tonight.

Informavore: The Best in DataPorn

Making sense of our growing amounts of data is critical. Here are some of our favorite tools for data visualization, with stimulating screenshots to tingle your hard drive.

Gowalla Raises $8.4 Million

Following rumors from Silicon Alley Insider last week, Gowalla officially announced today a funding raise of $8.4 million in venture capital from Greylock Partners, Maples Investments, Shasta Ventures and others. Gowalla is a location-based social networking application for smart phones. Similar to Foursquare, they let you share and discover new locations based on your social […]

Informavore: Creating an Employment Forecast That Matters

Instead of relying on the constant fluctuations of large scale data-deduced trends, we need to make data personal and relevant again.

Resources for Austin's Startups from CoA's Emerging Tech Program

A recent ReadWriteWeb article got us thinking – what local government initiatives are out there to help the local startup community? The Emerging Tech Program consults with Austin startups to help them meet their networking, financing, market development and business development needs.