About Laura Beck

Laura Beck is a Boston-to-Austin girl, 12+ years doing high tech PR here making her almost a native. With a passion for start ups, she has now embarked on her own, stripedshirt, but continues doing marketing consulting for a host of Austin area companies and organizations.

The Art of Appreciation

Something really bad has been going around Austin for a few years now, an approach by local start ups to “get as much as you can for free as long as you can.”

The PR Challenges of Working With the Self-Proclaimed In-Crowd

About 3 weeks ago, a TechCrunch writer named Ryan Lawler wrote a story about the Lyft launch and how it got “ruined” because a GigaOm (he didn’t say that, but I’m pretty sure that’s the “offender” from the comments) writer posted their story late the night before the embargo was to be lifted (no pun).