About Larry Chiang

Hi, I am Larry. My cell is 512-775-8100... Text me if you need me.

My Stanford Entrepreneur Week bio https://sen.stanford.edu/coaches-call/larry-chiang is dangerous because it builds more shareholder equity than $1mm in VC money. My bio gives you patterns to replicate versus rehashing business history that glories me. Forget about me and focus on my mentor: Mark McCormack. I teach Engineering 145 and installed an Engineering class inside a b-school. I help engineers get street smart.

For money, I started a company sophomore year that sells credit cards to sorority girls. Business is very good. I am *great* at taking the things I learned from my mentor and teaching them to you the undergrad engineer. Engineers should not let engineers graduate without street-smarts.

Get Your JBA at Austin Startup Week

In the spirit of the upcoming “Austin Startup Week” I will attempt to reveal a method to start to understand the “Jedi in Business Administration (JBA).” My goal will be to get you to take a small amount of entrepreneur and startup-flavored e-x-e-c-u-t-i-o-n.

Self-Funding with OPM (Other Peoples Money)

Every entrepreneurship insight I get is cited and sourced from a specific legendary business mentor. I pay attention at a depth I consider “motivational listening.” In board meetings, lectures, and tech conferences, I seek to out note-take the rest of the room. This article is a snippet of my recent notes, and revolved around the theme of Other People’s Money (OPM).

Austinpreneurs as Celebrated Athletes

Bob Metcalfe wants tech founders to be heralded like athletes. I see a few tactical steps that will help. I’ll break them into some non snarky categories and avoid “inside baseball” jargon that is inherent in my style of writing…

Austin, I will teach you to be Asian

I wanted to call this article, “How to self-fund using 650 steps” but I didn’t want the knee-jerk reaction of ‘OMG, that sounds like a lot of work’. So, I’ll swerve away from my norm of grittily tactical blog posts meant to serve engineers who are hacking their 1st $900k in sales. Instead, I will head in my default direction: hiLarryAss.

How to be an Accidental Entrepreneur in Austin (Purposefully)

Planning to be a future “accidental entrepreneur” is street smart and book smart. Purposefully setting the intention to be an accidental entrepreneur mitigates your risk exposure. Lets set an intention to audaciously become a successful accidental entrepreneur with little or no downside risk.

JBA is a Jedi in Business Administration

Jedi’s do things that seem impossible or just extremely lucky and coincidental. Well, I’m here to speak from behind the Jedi curtain. I’m here to reveal the secrets of the Jedi Order.

The Keynote You’ll Never Hear at SXSW

More accurately, my blog post title should be “The Keynote You’ll Not Hear at SXSW Until 2014, 2015 or Beyond”. Specifically, my focus is: “crossing the chasm from the right.” Right now SXSW is incredibly focused on ‘appointment based learning.’ I understand that SXSW Inc has a business model they want to preserve.

Strategies for UT Entrepreneurship Class, “One Semester Startup” BEFORE It Even Starts

On Sunday night is a special 1 Semester Startup Speed Dating event at UT. Guest Blogger Larry Chiang has some advice on how to succeed at the event. I give special homework that makes people rich. Im hiLarryAss like that. This event/party/mixer is on my radar for┬áDecember 2 By “speed dating” it means UT undergrads […]

UT Engineering Undergrads Host the Official Austin Startup Crawl AfterParty

I do what Augie Garrido mentors UT baseball players to do: Question authority while following the rules. It is in the ESPN movie, “Inning by Inning”.

Larry Chiang Startup Academy Stanford University (#LCSASU) is at UT!

I’m me and I start secret societies and hide stuff in public that only engineers can understand.