Introducing NuHabitat: Comprehensive Online Real Estate Search Where Others Fall Short

NuHabitat LogoSearching for a new home or investment property in Austin and Central Texas just got a whole lot easier, with today’s launch of NuHabitat, a residential real estate application (and Capital Factory Accelerator company) designed with ease of use, speed and 100% data accuracy in mind. The Austin start-up gives consumers the tools to make the most informed purchasing decisions possible by granting them access to real-time, local MLS data that – up until now – was only available to agents.

NuHabitat has created a new home search experience that maximizes access to MLS listings and leverages mobile services to offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive MLS information available to registered users, including “Historical Listing Prices”, “Sold Data” and “Cumulative Days on Market,” representing the real number of days a home has been for sale, not just the current MLS listing. Perhaps best of all, the site offers greater levels of transparency for home buyers and sellers and creates a collaborative environment that not only benefits consumers, but also benefits agents and brokers.

“The real estate industry is very traditional and has been slow to adopt modern technologies. Clients, agents and brokers have been hamstrung by legacy systems and arcane, out-of-touch policies that have created systemic inefficiencies to transactions,” explained Jeff Burke, NuHabitat CEO. “As a result of this, existing search tools on the market do not address the current needs of users, especially agents and their buyers. With the launch of NuHabitat, we’re going to change that.”

Indeed, NuHabitat is poised to give competitors a run for their money, with its timely and accurate sales data. Popular real estate websites often provide home listings that are no longer for sale, taking days to update their information and providing inaccurate estimates of value, misleading home buyers and sellers in the process.

NuHabitat will appeal to real estate professionals by serving as not only a client referral brokerage, allowing agents to market their own listings and view existing clients’ online behaviors, but also as a client gateway or portal for agents and their clients, providing access to the complete MLS. Additionally, for the first time on a real estate website, both sellers’ agents and buyers’ agents will be able to list their contact information and get recognition for their half of a transaction. The site further expects to retain agents and brokers with its suite of online tools, which it will monetize in the months to come.

“We embrace innovation across our industry and advise our clientele to leverage the NuHabitat home search process because it’s 100% accurate and sourced directly from our MLS, unlike other national search sites. Their ethical approach to serving the listing agent above all else, not to mention their business acumen, dedication to transparency and the consumer experience are a huge value to our homebuyers” said William M Steakley, Co-founder DEN Property Group, Austin’s Elite 25.

NuHabitat is currently approaching 200 real estate agents and over 1,600 consumers as registered users.

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Bryan is the Managing Editor for AustinStartup and the CEO of Mahana. He is a co-founder of Capital Factory, an investor and advisor, and runs the popular Austin Tech Happy Hour with his wife.


  1. Based on the description, I’m confused as to what this site will offer that doesn’t already. It has the historical data, accurate days on market, etc.

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