10 Free Tickets to SaaS and Cloud Apps University

Softletter’s SaaS and Cloud Applications University is the leading event for companies looking to succeed in SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud Applications. Speakers from companies such as Oracle, Information Builders, Softletter, InfoStreet and others will provide timely, practical, and up-to-date information on the latest strategies and tactics that enable you to improve your  business processes and operations while increasing the effectiveness of your sales and marketing. Key topics include:

  • Business After Windows. SaaS and Cloud Apps have cracked the Microsoft Windows monolith irretrievably. What comes next in SaaS and the Cloud? This may be the most valuable presentation you’ve heard in years.
  • Oracle’s perspectives on the Internet of Things
  • Fresh new data from Softletter’s SaaS and Cloud Apps survey. Information on revenue growth, infrastructure costs,
  • Upselling your SaaS and Cloud apps subscribers to higher service levels
  • Developing compelling ROI models for your SaaS service
  • New SaaS sales compensation and best practices metrics
  • Building a Market Leading Message: Three Paths to Market Leadership: Flashmobs, Parades and Movements
  • Pricing your SaaS and Cloud applications for maximum profitability
  • Building a SaaS and Cloud Apps channel and much more…

Since 2007, Softletter has hosted the industry’s most comprehensive series of conferences on SaaS and Cloud Applications. Conferences have been held in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Seattle and Washington, DC. New markets, opportunities, and obstacles are opening up as on premise and enterprise markets shift to legacy mode and data and applications disconnect from devices and begin to create personal and transportable workspaces.

  • Special Keynote: SaaS, the Cloud, and the Convergence of the Universe of Things, Ralph Seferian, Oracle
  • Special Keynote: Business After Windows: Preparing for the New World of Applications as the Desktop Monolith Cracks, Siamak Farah, InfoStreet (this may be the most important presentation you attend in years)

As a special promo, we have provided Austin Startup 10 comp tickets to attend SaaS University. These tickets are available on first come, first served basis. They allow you to enable SaaS and Cloud Apps University as full attendees and receive all conference takeaways.

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Missed your chance to attend for free? If you’re under $1M in revenue, you can attend as a SaaS University and Cloud Apps scholar for $299 as a full attendee and receive all takeaways and attend all sessions with this coupon: AUSTINSTARTUPSCHOLAR.

Questions? Please contact Rick Chapman at rickchapman@softletter.com or call directly at 860.388.7549.

We look forward to meeting you in Austin, TX.

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