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Spanning LogoSpanning Cloud Apps, the most trusted provider of data backup and recovery for cloud applications, today announced the general availability of Spanning Backup for Salesforce in the Salesforce AppExchange. In limited beta since November, Spanning Backup for Salesforce is the first and only “in-app” backup product, delivered directly through the Salesforce user interface, making it easy to monitor backups and recover lost data. Spanning Backup for Salesforce provides a secure cloud-to-cloud approach for automated backup and, with the Salesforce Spring ‘14 release, it will uniquely integrate with Chatter to proactively alert Salesforce admins to important backup status and export activity.

In addition to launching the new backup solution in AppExchange, Spanning has officially joined the Salesforce ISVforce program and is the only cloud-to-cloud backup provider that is part of this selective program. Spanning was recognized as providing clear value to Salesforce users and will be sold through the direct sales channel.

Salesforce’s backup policy includes daily snapshots of their customers’ data, which protects against significant data loss, but it does not provide rapid, easy or cost-effective ways to recover lost data. Recovery is a service provided by Salesforce that can take weeks and cost thousands of dollars. This leaves companies with a difficult decision when data loss occurs. Salesforce also offers users the ability to export all of their data on a weekly basis; however, the manual nature of the approach is costly and error-prone. Having an automated daily backup from Spanning ensures that changes to data are captured frequently, minimizing the chance for error, and significantly reducing the costs and complexity of backup.

“Salesforce administrators, who are often responsible for backup and recovery, tend to work solely in Salesforce and prefer to manage, monitor and use integrated applications that leverage the capabilities and security provided by Salesforce,” said Jeff Erramouspe, CEO of Spanning Cloud Apps. “We’ve received great feedback from our beta customers, who have praised our fully integrated user experience. Salesforce users expect transparency in knowing exactly what is and is not being backed up and we make it easy for them to monitor this both for compliance and peace of mind.”

Salesforce manages critical corporate data, including customer details, sales, marketing and financials, for more than 100,000 organizations. With Spanning Backup for Salesforce providing automated daily backups, Salesforce customers now have a trusted, reliable and consistent way to protect critical data, files and customizations. Additionally, the new solution allows users to rapidly recover lost data from any previous backup.

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  1. Kudos to Spanning Cloud Apps! As a tech company we (of course) are proponents for small business backup and data protection. Innovations such as this take the guesswork out of the equation. Looking forward to future innovations in automation.