Querium Corporation Launches TSI Math Prep for the New Texas College Placement Assessment

Querium LogoQuerium Corporation has launched an adaptive learning program to enable prospective Texas college students to prepare for the mathematics portion of the new Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment. Querium’s TSI Math Prep, built on an A.I.-based learning platform, is designed to rapidly identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, deliver an optimized learning path for the TSI, and advance students as soon as they demonstrate mastery.

“With 70% of incoming community college students in Texas being placed into developmental courses, and 40% of those students dropping out before their second year, we made it our mission to help improve these rates,” said Kent Fuka, Querium CEO and Founder. “A student scoring a few points below the College Ready cut score will likely be required to take multiple developmental courses which consume precious tuition dollars and time that does not count towards that student’s degree,” said Fuka. “We knew that a personalized review program that functioned like a favorite tutor and was effective on students’ go-to tech devices meant a real chance for improvement.”

Querium’s TSI Math Prep provides comprehensive coverage of not only the College and Career Ready Standards assessed on the TSI, but also intervention instruction on topics beginning with the 6th Grade TEKS. “Many of the topics assessed on the TSI are taught in middle school and 9th or 10th grade,” said Patti Smith, Chief Marketing Officer. “While many students will be able to refresh these skills quickly, some will need to go back to more basic content like the order of operations or factoring to rebuild their math knowledge.”

Querium’s TSI Math Prep includes 70 bite-sized video lessons and over 750 practice questions including right and wrong answer explanations as well as hints. Over 350 students participated in the program’s beta test, and seven Texas colleges have partnered with Querium to conduct additional trials and gather efficacy data. Querium will demo TSI Math Prep at the TCCTA conference, booth #421, in San Antonio Feb 6 and 7. Querium’s TSI Math Prep is available for purchase by individual students as well as institutions.

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