Innotech Keynote Speaker Excited About Austin Expansion

Matt Scherer, our San Antonio correspondent, is also serving as the public relations director for the Nov. 8 Innotech trade show.  He recently completed this interview with Tim Cox, executive director for General Motors enterprise solutions.  Cox will serve as the keynote speaker for Innotech’s day-long show.

Matt Scherer: GM recently announced plans to move an IT Innovation Center here.  According to previous press reports, your organization will hire about 500 IT professionals.  What motivated your organization to move to Austin?

Tim Cox:  Austin is a fantastic hub of technical talent – from universities to professionals.   GM needs these kinds of world-class skills to be as successful as we want to be.

Scherer:  What kind of job characteristics are you looking for among Austin-based applicants?  

Cox:.  This is an IT Innovation Center, in which we’ll be developing productivity tools and new capabilities for our business customers in product development, manufacturing, sales, service, supply chain, among many others.

We’re looking for software developers, development managers, development leaders across a wide range of IT technologies  (Java, Microsoft, Open Source, Mainframe development and infrastructure expertise),who are ready and willing to push the limits of IT capabilities in agile software development and Kanban-based development processes.

Scherer:  When will you begin accepting applications for your new center?
Cox.   We have already started accepting applications for the Austin Innovation Center and have been very excited about the response so far.  Any interested candidate can visit us at: for additional information on specific job openings.

Scherer:  Your recent public relations announcement noted that you are bringing 90-percent of your information tech applications from outside firms to in-house workers.  How will this personnel change impact your ability to boost innovation within your industry?
Cox:  GM is undergoing a major transformation and the IT organization is a critical part of that.  We intend to bring 90 percent of our employees in house and to change the mix to have them spend more time on development work vs. processes that simply keep the trains running.  By having them on-site, we believe the level of integration with GM business partners will increase, allowing them to work on more projects, in less time.

Scherer:  Is there anything else you wish to add?  
Cox:.  It’s great to be here in Austin.   Hook ‘em Horns!