We Are Austin Tech: Lloyd Armbrust

Lloyd Armbrust has been working in and around newspapers for over 15 years when he started as a circulation call-center manager for the Duluth News-Tribune. In 2001 he moved into online sales and then worked to built several newspaper websites from the ground up.

In 2008, he started OwnLocal and in 2010 received funding from Y Combinator, Baseline Ventures, Lerer Media Ventures,the Knight Foundation, Automattic, Paul Buchheit and several other Angels.

Today, OwnLocal technology powers more than 100 publications and touches more than 1 million people each month.

WAAT spoke to Lloyd about his decision to move his company to Austin and the problem that he was trying to solve with OwnLocal. Lloyd gives an excellent elevator pitch in this short video; and still manages to cover some other topics.

“The only thing I was trying to solve was, how do I make these guys money today”


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