Adometry’s Attribute Product Adds Big Names to Customer List

Adometry, Inc., the leader in cross-channel attribution, today announced that Booyah Advertising, a full service digital agency, is measuring the effectiveness and optimizing customer cross-channel ad campaigns using Adometry Attribute™. The decision to provide advanced attribution technology to clients is fueled by requests from Booyah customers such as Dish Network, Blockbuster, Manilla and others to better understand how various campaign elements were performing and impacting each other.

“We have determined that the ‘last-click’ attribution model is not the most accurate approach when it comes to determining the impact various digital media channels have on conversions. Our marketing savvy customers were seeking a superior way to more accurately measure the performance of their campaigns and gain a better sense of how different elements in the digital landscape are working with or against each other,” said Troy Lerner, President of Booyah Advertising. “We reviewed the top attribution vendors in the industry and ultimately chose to work with Adometry due to Attribute’s sophisticated, yet automated, optimization and predictive capabilities.”

Booyah will offer the Adometry Attribute solution to clients running multi-channel campaigns, which may also include offline channels such as TV, print and radio. Adometry technology provides cross-channel attribution intelligence, plus auditing and scoring metrics, to optimize results and enable organizations to determine how best to allocate media spend.

“Innovative agencies like Booyah that are focused on delivering results and proving value to clients, are turning to data-driven attribution to provide an accurate picture of how all the parts of any given campaign are working with each other and contributing to conversion results,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Adometry. “Booyah is known for its stellar customer service and we are eager to work with the agency to provide its clients with yet another highly valuable service.”

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