UnboundID and LexisNexis® Announce Integrated Cloud-Based Identity Authentication and Verification Services

UnboundID, a leading platform provider for identity services, today announced an agreement with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions to enable integration to cloud-based Identity authentication and verification services. The agreement will focus on helping customers unlock new use cases in the Identity Economy by increasing the level of security and assurance of identity attributes exchanged in real-time. The offering will provide companies accessing the LexisNexis services through the UnboundID identity platform with a single on-premise platform for creating a unified profile that can be verified and secured in real-time via the LexisNexis solution. This will strengthen the security of existing online transactions involving sensitive customer data while also increasing the potential value of customer data by ensuring that it is linkable to a real person.

“The combination of LexisNexis’ market-leading risk solutions and the UnboundID identity platform brings customers an identity infrastructure to help them enter the Identity Economy,” said UnboundID CEO Steve Shoaff. “This agreement demonstrates a joint commitment between the two companies to help enterprises leverage identity information in a more dynamic way — with increased security, confidence and value.”

As a part of the overall LexisNexis Identity Verification and Authentication solution, these real-time identity services — InstantVerify and InstantAuthenticate — help reduce the risk of fraud and identify theft in the on-boarding process for new customers, bolster the security of high-value transactions by providing access to one of the world’s most comprehensive knowledge-based authentication systems, and provide real-time verification of a key identity attribute: a person’s age. The verification and authentication services are also critical in helping companies comply with regulations involving the vetting of personal identity information.

The UnboundID Identity Services Platform is designed to unify identity data across various legacy systems and securely store and deliver that data to applications and services in real-time. By accessing the LexisNexis services through the UnboundID platform, companies are able to leverage these services through a standard, reusable architecture. The result is reduced cost and time-to-market on new products and services that rely on identity verification and authentication. These services help to answer fundamental questions concerning a person’s online identity: “Does the information you provided to me link to an actual person?” and “Are you who you say are?” While fundamental and simple on the surface, these questions are at the heart of all online commerce and are not easily answered today. Further, they are not only critical to securing existing online transactions, but they also help increase the overall value of the customer identity data managed by companies by ensuring that the data is linkable to a real person.

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