Q&A Wednesday :: AlohaTech / NiteWolf

Today’s Q&A Wednesday is with Raphael Cohen of AlohaTech, who is bringing NiteWolf to market.

Explain what you do in a way that my mother would understand?
AlohaTech is a web publication for women discussing mobile applications and social media news. Our main focus is providing readers with relevant and up-to-date content. Aloha has been branding for the pass couple of months, establishing a core presence, and focusing on providing value to our readers. Our speciality/niche will come in the form of our own product line in mobile applications. AlohaTech recently launched NiteWolf, a security application for women walking home alone at night. NiteWolf is currently available for Android mobile, and can be downloaded on the Google play market.

What was your “lightbulb” moment when you knew you really had something?
When I founded AlohaTech I knew I wanted to do something totally different in the tech industry. The vision is to provide women with cool and trendy application reviews. Aloha is less of a corporate structured publication, and more of a fun read on tech analysis. This way of thinking led to my NiteWolf ‘lightbulb’ moment occurring on 6th street. After witnessing the parade of youthful socializing, I realized the excitement has to end, and women have to walk home after a night of drinking. NiteWolf is a security option for the time women feel an uneasiness in their stomach. If you pass a dark alleyway, pop open NiteWolf and use the LED camera flash as a torch, or if you really feel threatened – hit the panic button and police sirens set at 6 decibels will blast from your handheld device.

What’s the “secret sauce?”
Mobile applications are becoming convoluted. Options here, and options there – with the customer being lost moments into the applications initial launch. I believe NiteWolf will make its mark because of its user-friendly interface, and the basic, but important functionality. When not in security mode, NiteWolf doubles down as a beautiful widget – displaying the time on your smartphones homescreen. This is prime real estate, and that is why AlohaTech choose NiteWolf to be a widget. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, don’t waste valuable time scrolling through your apps, NiteWolf is right there on your UI – ready to serve and protect!

What is the best advice you’ve received so far?
I was on a flight to Pittsburgh and I met a very intriguing lady. As our conversation deepened, I found out that she was a pioneer for the dot-com bubble in Silicon Valley. Here I sat with this successful, experienced and very powerful woman, and all she wanted to do was listen to my story. After I stopped trying to impress her, she said, “The importance behind the dot-com era was that nobody ever believed in failure, we didn’t have the time…so never look at what you’re doing as failure.” The obvious advice here is to keep going forward, put out relevant content, and stay positive. The real time (subliminal) advice I took from this moment – just listen, and listen to people’s story.

How does AlohaTech plan to generate revenue?
Advertising will be the primary source for generating income, but we are strategizing in other areas of interest. AlohaTech wants to provide an environment that serves a fresh feeling of value. Value can be in the form of free mobile applications, such as NiteWolf, or cool giveaways for website interaction. When Aloha’s following is large enough, a ‘luxury’ value will be introduced. Our luxury (paid) line of mobile applications will focus on cosmetics and beautification — but timing and patience is everything. For now, AlohaTech will keep building and trying to stay relevant in Austin.

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