Getting Passbook To Work on iOS 6

Like many of you I was excited to see what Passbook was all about! But I could not get it to work at all. Searching around the internet there were various ways of tricking it into working, so I thought I would include a tip here. But in general, what the heck is Apple thinking around this? Ship it disabled, or patch it later?

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Date and Time
  2. Set the date several months into the future (March, 2013 worked for me)
  3. Click on the Passbook app on your iPhone and now when it goes to iTunes it should work.
  4. Download the apps you want. They still won’t be installed in your Passbook.
  5. Passbook apps will show up on your phone with a little blue “New” ribbon across the top.
  6. Set your date back to auto.

Anybody else discovered tips on how to get it working? Please comment.


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