Pedernales Brewery founded on Populist fund raising efforts

The Pedernales Brewery, a company founded on what their chief executive officer and founder described as a “Populist” form of raising capital, will begin distributing their beer in Austin this week. Beer consumers will be able to purchase Lobo, Lobo Negro and Pedernales Classic IPA at select outlets this week. Based in Fredericksburg,  Pedernales raised $2 million in funding from 160 to 200 investors who live in Kerr County and San Antonio.

“We got our first $1 million in funding from investors and others we knew from civic organizations like Rotary and our local chamber of commerce,” Lee Hereford, the brewery’s CEO said. “As the opportunity to open new markets, our investors contributed another matching $1 million in funding.” Hereford said he likened the fund raising efforts for his product as a barn raising in the 19th century or among the Amish community. “When someone needed a little help, others from the community contributed their time and effort to help others. That’s the Populist foundation of our company.”

Pedernales products has been available in Fredericksburg and nearby Kerr County. Hereford and his team next moved their distribution efforts towards San Antonio.
“In San Antonio, a lot of our investors there have purchased our beer and told others where they could find Lobo, Lobo Negro or our Pedernales Classic IPA,” Hereford said.
“We wanted Austin to be our next major market, as we get a lot of tourists from Travis County every weekend and throughout the year,” Hereford said. “We know that when people discover the classic European tastes of our beers that they would want to encourage their local restaurant, liquor store or grocery store to carry it.

“Having Brown as our distributor ensures that we can reach more customers,” he said. Hereford and his team will visit more Austin outlets next week to introduce their product.
“We think that when Austin beer lovers taste our products that they will become part of our growing fan base of customers,” he added. “Having Brown as a partner will only enhance our efforts to reach more customers.”

(Note:  Matt Scherer, our San Antonio correspondent, serves as a contract publicist for Pedernales Brewery.  He truly loves the mix of Lobo Negro with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, a drink he calls a Lobo Helado.)