FeedMagnet Adds Viddy Support

Responding to strong customer interest, FeedMagnet announces the availability of Viddy as the latest social media source to its powerful aggregation and curation platform for brands and agencies. The platform already accesses content from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks which the addition of Viddy will complement for FeedMagnet customers.

“Our software allows marketers to harness and utilize positive brand mentions, customer conversations, and industry thought leadership while keeping traffic on their own site or app,” FeedMagnet President and Founder Jason Ford said. “Since the social sites people use are always changing, we enable agency and brand customers to use new popular sources of content like Viddy without expanding development costs.”

Viddy is the simplest and easiest way to create, capture and share beautiful 15 second videos with the world from a mobile device. With over 38 million, users, Viddy’s growth and momentum is driven by a passionate community of active Viddyographers, driving viral video creation and sharing across social networks. The service will provide instant value to marketers as consumers participate in contests, searches, and testimonials via their devices in realtime.

FeedMagnet has been powering web and mobile initiatives for brands and corporations since 2009, and in that time added social platforms such as Foursquare, Instagram, Google+ and now Viddy as marketers have found them to be relevant sources of customer endorsement and engagement.

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