Bypass Mobile Launches POS

Austin is rapidly becoming a hot bed of technology companies focused on mobile, retail, and point-of-sale technologies. The list includes TabbedOut, SubtleData, and Zing Checkout just to name a few.

Today Bypass Mobile announced their own point-of-sale system, with costs as low as $10,000. The system is designed for the sports venue market. Austin-based Bypass Mobile creates mobile ordering and payment applications for 34 professional and college sports stadiums. It’s a fantastic use case that we have all yearned for. After all, if you know my section, row, and seat number can’t I use my mobile device to order and pay for my beer and hot dogs? Delivery to your seat is a huge bonus. It’s amazing that this wasn’t created years ago.

The company’s full range of solutions includes a POS terminal, a tablet solution for ordering at club levels, and a mobile app for fans to order and pay right from their phones. Since they previously partnered with established point-of-sale companies to integrate their mobile app offering, it will be interesting to see what happens now that they are competing with their former partners.

Disclosure: Bryan is an advisor to SubtleData.


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