Tabbedout Launches Beta Offers Feature for Austin Consumers

Tabbedout, the Austin-based mobile payment solution that enables customers to open, view and pay their bar or restaurant tab with their phone, has launched a new feature that allows users to opt-in for Tabbedout Offers—discounts and specials, like a reduced tab — that will automatically appear in the app. Tabbedout chose to launch the beta version of Tabbedout Offers locally because of Austin’s high number of tech-savvy consumers who are regularly on the forefront of tech adoption and usage, and the strong user base the company already has in its hometown.

Tabbedout Offers is a new way for consumers to save money while having a good time, with minimal effort.  When a consumer opens a tab, they will see the Tabbedout Offers available to redeem that day. Tabbedout’s unique mobile payment platform allows the user to control their experience by redeeming the Offer and applying the discounts directly to their tab in real-time from their phone. If the user forgets to redeem before paying their tab, the app will send a notice to apply the discounts before final payment is made.

Tabbedout Offers will transform the way consumers utilize Tabbedout – now as both a mobile payment solution and hub for local incentives. The way these Offers are delivered to the consumer, the minimal effort the consumer has to invest and the instant gratification they get makes it unique in the marketplace.

“The Tabbedout platform is expanding and connecting to our users on a personal level. In addition to providing the most secure method of payment through their phone, we also want to reward our users with offers from us, the places they already visit or the ones they want to discover,” said Rick Orr, Tabbedout CEO. “We chose Austin to test Tabbedout Offers because of the loyalty and acceptance we have experienced with our users, merchants and partners, and couldn’t be more excited to get their feedback before we expand Offers to other markets.”

Tabbedout Offers will enhance the value the app provides its consumer base, but the core of Tabbedout is still mobile payment. Available for free on both iPhone and Android smartphones Tabbedout allows users to store credit or debit card information directly on their phone, encrypted and under passphrase protection, instead of on host servers or in “the cloud.” Consumers are safe from the threat of stolen identity due to lost or forgotten credit cards since they now can open and pay their tab directly from their phone, without handing their payment information to a server. Tabbedout also allows customers to share their experience with friends: the app is socially integrated, allowing users to “check-in” to venues via their Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare accounts without ever leaving the application.

Tabbedout is currently available in nearly 400 locations nationwide – 47 of those in Austin — and growing daily. For a complete list of Tabbedout locations or to download the app, visit

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